Green Carpet

Green and Jewellery? Learn about Chopard’s Green Carpet Collection and Ethical Jewellery.

Chopard has unveiled during the Cannes Festival his first collection of fine jewellery with fairmined gold:

Chopard-Green Carpet

Chopard and Marion Cotillard has also collaborated to design two high jewellery pieces for the Jeweller’s Green Carpet Collection, its eco-sustainable capsule collection. Worn by the French Actress herself during the Film Festival, these one-of-a-kind creations consist of a piece of hand jewellery along with a necklace made of diamonds and magnificent black opals. (To learn about Opals and their kaleidoscopic play-of-color click here)


The gold used bears the ‘Fairmined’ label – a certification of responsible social and environmental practices – and the diamonds and opals come from traceable and sustainably sources.

The Journey to a Sustainable Luxury – as Chopard calls it – has started in 2013 when launching, under the influence of Livia Firth, founder of the Green Carpet Challenge and creative Director of Eco-Age, its first Green Carpet Collection with the use of Fairmined Gold. Since last year Chopard, that has been creating the Golden Palm since 1998, also use Fairmined Gold to craft the iconic trophy.

Chopard’s initiative resonates with those of more confidential brands such as JEM (Jewellery Ethically Minded), April Paris or Pippa Small that have built their entire identity on ethical gold and responsible practices. Jewellery is ‘not a pretty business’, says the British designer Pippa Small in an interview for the FT. ‘The result is pretty, but the process is vile – contamination, human-right-wise. But now it’s changing and people are trying to.’

Jewellery is an aspirational industry, and as customers become more socially-conscious, their demand is growing for a responsible luxury – And so is the concern of the Brands.

The RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) and the Kimberly Process insure responsible practices and conflict-free diamonds. Each brand has also developed its own targeted actions : the pioneer in terms of responsible jewellery is Tiffany & Co. dropping the use of coral and jade in its creations and who started in 2003 the boycott of burmese ruby – followed very soon by many other Jewellers. Since 2009 Cartier has been purchasing the entire output of Goldlake’s Eurocantera mine in Honduras, where the use of dynamit, cyanide or mercury is banned.

But with its decision to bring Fairmined Gold and responsible sourcing on the red carpet of one of the world’s most glamorous film events, Chopard has taken sustainable luxury into the spotlight of a world stage and shows that ethical is also very desirable.


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