Greek Summer

Discover the new wave of Greek jewellery designers.

As sunshine returns we all start dreaming about a Greek summer. But more than dreamy turquoise waters and wonderful natural products, Greece also displays an extremely exciting array of talented jewellery designers.

If you thought Greek jewellery as handcrafted traditional pieces inspired of antiquity, you definitely need an update. As if the depressed economy has created an awakening, the new wave of Greek designers shakes things up. Still inspired by their Greek roots and country’s jewellery heritage, they create desirable and twisted jewellery pieces as well as trendy collaborations.

Here is a selection of their hottest creations, and if you don’t have the chance to visit in Athens this summer, they are also available in some of the world’s most exclusive department stores and international online shops.

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  1. […] currently my favourite Greek designer, I arranged to meet him as soon as I arrived in Athens. He welcomed me with an iced frappucino in […]


  2. […] Today, the Eye symbol is stronger than ever in jewellery, even being one of the signature motif of Ileana Makri. (To read more about Ileana Makri and the new wave of Greek talented designer click here.) […]


  3. […] Aujourd’hui le symbole de l’Evil Eye est plus présent que jamais en joaillerie, on le retrouve même comme partie intégrante de la signature d’Ileana Makri. (Lisez en plus sur Ileana Makri et la nouvelle vague de designers grecs ici.) […]


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