Discover Rose des Vents: the new lucky charms collection by Dior Joaillerie

Inspired by Christian Dior’s personal history and travels, the new collection Rose des Vents shines as a lucky star to wear on the wrist or around the neck. The collection is inspired by Les Rhumbs, the villa in Granville named after the thirty-two divisions of the wind rose (‘rose des vents‘ in French) where Christian Dior had spent his childhood and the mysterious star found later on the ground that made him decide to open his own couture house and he always kept in his pocket heading off the four corners of the globe.decouvrir-rose-des-vents_visual_cover_decouvrir So what is a wind rose in Jewellery? It’s the 8 cardinal points forming a gold star, with a diamond in its center. The delicate bracelets and necklaces in yellow or pink gold are made of reversible medallions in carved stone showing the wind rose on one side, and a smooth face on the other. Encircled by tiny gold grains, the wind rose spin and flip on the wearer’s wrist or neck as she moves, or perhaps absent-mindedly plays with her jewel as she dreams of her next trip away.Dior-La-Rose-des-Vents-the-birth-of-the-collection-1 There’s something of the charm bracelet here, or the little trinkets picked up during hot holidays on Mediterranean islands. The collection is casual and summery with the warm glow of the yellow or pink gold and the hard stone used: mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, pink opal, or turquoise that would be especially pretty against tanned skin.Dior-La-Rose-des-Vents-2015-Dior-The-New-Lucky-Star-Jewelry As Victoire de Castellane, the Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie sums it up, the collection is based on “a symbol of travel, in it you find echoes of Christian Dior’s star and the idea of the good luck charm, but also the rose, his favorite flower. The whole history of the house is there, implicitly”. There are multiple references to Dior’s history encapsulated in this collection, but you don’t need to know all that to covet it. Dior-La-Rose-des-Vents-the-birth-of-the-collection

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