Jewellery ideas for Father’s Day

Wondering what to get dad for Father’s Day? We have the answer for you : jewellery! – Find out our stand on men’s jewellery and the selection of pieces he will be happy to wear.

I used to agree that the only 3 pieces of jewellery that a man should wear are a watch, cufflinks and if he’s married a simple wedding band. Men have a practical mind and everything they have is meaningful. A watch tells them time, cufflinks seals their cuffs, tie bars are for making their tie doesn’t dip into anything when bending down and wedding rings are symbolic (also very useful for warding off unwanted flirting).

Often jewellery brands release a new collection for men, but no matter how much they dream about conquering the men’s market and making additional sales when they pick up a piece for their significant other, unless they are a rock stars this will never become a reality.

This doesn’t mean their accessories have to be boring, though. There are plenty of nice ones to chose for a perfect Father’s Day gift.

However I recently found one exception here: when it’s discrete and meaningful. The small diamond pendant engraved with a microscopic love message that Angelina Jolie gave to Brad Pitt is exquisite. article-1361273-0D6181EB000005DC-39_468x601And here is the exception : the only reason why a man should wear a bracelet or a pendant is his daughter, significant other, or mother gave it to him.

Discover our selection of the perfect jewellery piece that he will be happy to wear :


  1. kathleenlynagh

    Nice selection, I agree with you. I made my husband a locket, it looked like a small sculpted vase on leather, in it was elements from our first hike, stone, leaf etc. Memory of a Day Locket.

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  3. […] des lignes plus accessibles comme la ligne “I am” d’Ileana Makriet une sélection de joaillerie pour homme*: les californiens Stormie et Mr Cohen,  les bracelets au design minimaliste mais précis Le […]


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