Paris Couture Week Jewellery Review

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Paris Couture Week just ended and, along with it, the whole Place VendĂŽme was presenting its High Jewellery Collections. It was not easy to narrow it down – since we were spoiled with beautiful creations and heart-stopping gemstones – however I have spotted my top 5 pieces, as for me they were showing original designs, excellence in execution and, of course, are beautiful to look at. My favourite piece, the one that stole my heart, is definitely the Etourdissant Cartier headband. It is just perfect in every way and my only reaction to it was to sigh
 cartier-etourdissant-2015-1 Lovely for different reasons is the Talisman Collection by Chanel, which so successfully captures the spirit and glamour of the Parisian Couture House. I particularly enjoyed the Fascinante set with the use of rare skill of enamelling. It is also easy to picture the gesture of the wearer that would absent-mindedly plays with her jewel as she dreams away. LES_TALISMANS_DE_CHANEL_20 Talking about rarest skills, Secret & Lights is Piaget taking us to Venice, as the latest stop of the mythical journey it started two years ago. The signature cuff is adorned with a spectacular bouquet of feathers by Nelly Saunier, a feather artist. The feather marquetry sparkles amid a constellation of emerald, sapphires and diamonds, as an evocation to the Venetian masked ball.


Bleu de Jodhpur is the magic encounter between Boucheron’s creative director, Claire Choisne, and the current Maharaja of Jodhpur, His Highness Gajsingh II. Presented under his Patronage, this new High Jewelry collection depicts a contemporary and fascinating India where innovation and audacity with unusual settings intertwines with the beauty of tradition. The necklace I have chosen hereunder is more classical though but display a fantastic arrow of colours and adopts the Point d’Interrogation shape which is a Boucheron emblematic signature. It is said that it was when playing with a peacock feather that FrĂ©dĂ©ric Boucheron was inspired to create this question mark shaped necklace: this jewel is supple, light, and curls around the neck with an aerial sensuality.960x960_fleur_de_lotus_0707 Van Cleef and Arpels invited us on a poetic journey across the Seven Seas that never seemed so alluring. Doing so, the Maison also become the first high-jeweller to follow fashion and introduce a proper cruise collection. high_jewellery___s_cruise_collection_makes_waves_9176.jpeg_north_554x_white Eventually an interesting collaboration was noticed between Mellerio and Alexandre Vauthier, my favourite piece being the bracelet. To read about the collection, click here. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week for more insights on Jewellery and High Jewellery.

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