Meet Laetitia Cohen-Skalli, Parisian and founder of Redline jewellery charms

Redline combines precious stones to colourful threads to create trendy and very desirable jewellery charms. Meet Laetitia Cohen-Skalli, founder and designer of the Brand.(Lire l’article en français)

WHO ARE YOU? Born and based in Paris, I am the founder and the designer of Redline. I design each of our jewels. I am also very well surrounded : Redline is a family business and each of us plays a complementary role – my mum is managing the company while my brother is in charge of the production and business development.

FIRST LOVE WITH JEWELLERY? Jewellery and me is a true love story since my first creation and each of them make me fall even deeper for it 😉

THE JEWEL ALWAYS WITH YOU? I am wearing the Pure double bracelet in white gold. I sometimes change the color of the thread but it is as a kind of talisman that never leaves me.

Capture d’écran 2015-07-20 à 23.25.28

MOTO? We can do it!

CONCEPT? “A diamond on a thread” – We have a unique concept : We turn traditional jewellery on its head by creating lucky charms that combines noble materials as diamond and 18K gold with the simplicity of a thread.

BIRTH OF THE BRAND? As far as I remember I always loved to create and used my hands. Little girl, I was creating many kind of objects. During my last year of studies, I wanted a different way of wearing diamonds, more modern. It made me realise there were no brand that was offering a small and delicate jewellery to wear everyday without taking off. The idea of a jewellery brand with a sleek and minimalist design yet high-end with the use of gold and diamonds started growing in my head. When graduated, I decided to launch Redline with the support of my family.

INSPIRATION? In everyday life: an exhibition, a trip, colours, taste, some places, sometimes when drawing with my son. But what is necessary is to relax for inspiration to come…

MADE IN? France of course! We take lots of pride to create all our jewels in our own workshop in Paris, rue Saint-Honoré, with our very high-skilled jewelers. It is a way for us to control the quality and the manufacturing of our pieces. It is also essential for us to have to have our clients picking their model and the colour of their thread and be able to leave immediately with their custom-made bracelet on the wrist.

showroom 1

EMBLEMATIC PIECE? Infinite Double bracelet. Very unique and it has always been my favourite. It has a strong design and the two soldered diamonds give him a lot of meaning revolving around the symbol of infinity and number two: two lovers, a mother and her child, a pregnant woman, two best friends, and way more!

infinite double

PRICE? Our average price is 680 euros

HOW MANY? 10 within the showroom

WHERE? At our showroom rue de Saint-Honoré in Paris, concept stores such as Colette, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette department stores and many retailers in France. We are also available at Harrod’s in London, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Dubai.

NEXT? I can’t tell too much yet as we still need to keep the secret but this year will be full of surprises and a turning point for Redline… But keep posted, we are very impatient to share it with you!

Capture d’écran 2015-07-20 à 23.52.33Showroom – 161 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 1er

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