Sylvia Toledano opens her first boutique in Paris

Next time you visit the area of the Place Vendôme, make sure to stop at its latest addition: the eponymous shop of Sylvia Toledano.

(Lire l’article en français)

Designed as a Parisian boudoir, the boutique is both chic and intimate. Along with desirable and slightly twisted minaudieres, you will find over-sized cuffs, rings, necklaces and earrings, of the kind that make a whole outfit by themselves. The sumptuous gilded pieces made with semiprecious stones such as Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Tiger Eye and more are an invitation to travel. And so are their names : Talisman, Byzance, Amazone or Thalita…

Her work evokes the artisanal and the precious. The pieces are imposing yet surprisingly lightweight, bold yet very feminine.

Ms. Toledano’s jewellery is meant to adorn the ladies as well as emphasize their personalities with a hint of retro glamour: the perfect statement piece.

26 rue Danielle Casanova, Paris 1er or visit for retailers


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