The Jewellery Adornments of Yannis Sergakis

His creations are pure, delicate and extremely modern. Meet Yannis Sergakis, the talented Greek jewellery designer.

(Lire l’article en français)

As currently among my favourite Greek designers, I arranged to meet him as soon as I arrived in Athens. He welcomed me with an iced frappucino in his newly opened boutique in Kolonaki and we shared a very friendly conversation about his art of jewellery adornments :

Born, lived, based? Athens, Athens, Athens. Although I have completed my GIA in NY and travelled extensively

First memory with Jewellery? As a child. Coming from a family of Greek diamond traders, I was drown early into the alluring world of precious stones and jewellery. I first started collecting and trading jewellery before realizing that I wanted to design and create.

Creation of Yannis Sergakis Adornments? I started to collaborate with famous Greek and international brands in 2004 and eventually launched my own brand in 2014. I opened this boutique in Kolonaki 2 months ago as it was important for me to have my own place to express my universe and not only being retailed. As a child I also wanted to be an architect, you can feel that in my creations and this boutique conceived as a gallery.

Emblematic piece? Charniere bracelet 

 How many are you? 10

Crafted in? Greece, where we have our own dedicated workshops

Jewellery vs. Adornments? My creations are meant to adorn women. Jewellery is too restrictive as a term, adornments leave more possibilities on the kind of pieces.

Who is the woman wearing your creations? They are of all ages, with a discreet elegance and a sense of creativity. They have an assured taste and they are not looking for a signature piece of a very recognizable brand but something different, a statement piece. In this way, my creations are not meant to support the woman but the woman is supporting my creations.

What are you wearing yourself? A watch and a braided bracelet.

Inspiration? Is a thought.

Next? This year was really busy with among others lots of travellings, the openings of this boutique in Athens 2 months ago, Bergdorf Goodman in NY and Lane Crawford in HK. Next thing for me is going on holiday on Kimolos island. After we’ll see what comes, especially with this context. I want to keep growing consistently my collections more than launching too many. I also have in mind pieces to be worn differently.

Favourite place in Athens? Aquamarina in Vouliagmeni. I love to have a coffee there, the place is a bit vintage and has the charm of the seventies.

Here is an overview of his creations worn by Ariane Labed, a Greek-born French Actress, for his current catalogue:

Among these pieces, I completely fell for his arm bracelets and this double-ring:

Where to admire his creations – but if you are like me you probably won’t be able to just walk away :

Athens – Yannis Sergakis Adornments, 5 Valaoritou Street
Paris – White Bird, Montaigne Market & Le Bon Marché
NY – Bergdorf Goodman
HK – Lane Crawford


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