Evil Eye jewels

Transcending its talisman status, it has become a fashion statement and the ideal token to bring back from a holiday in Greece. Superstitious or not, we made a selection far too beautiful to overlook.

(Lire l’article en français)

The Evil Eye has been used as a jewellery motif for thousands of years.

In the Mediterranean, it was believed that the gods and goddesses were punishing those who had been praised too much or become too proud, and using the Evil Eye to restore them to the level of mere mortals. Evil Eye beads would reflect negative energy back to its source, thereby protecting the wearer and bringing happiness, love, success and wealth.

During a conversation with Demetra Lalaounis – Director of International Operations at Ilias Lalaounis – she has shared with me that “As a child growing up in Athens, any time my sisters or myself would get a compliment or praise from an older aunt or person, they would simultaneously do the motion of spitting 3 times in order to avoid inflicting on us the evil eye. To me, one should be aware of too much praise or admiration not to provoke the Gods or push your luck so to speak. In the Anglosaxon world, they would say in order not to jinx you.”

Lalaounis Evil Eye Pendant in yellow gold and diamonds (3075€, on order)

Today, the Eye symbol is stronger than ever in jewellery, even being one of the signature motif of Ileana Makri. (To read more about Ileana Makri and the new wave of Greek talented designer click here.)

Fun, dramatic, edgy, luxurious and opulent, these evil eye jewels may ward off dark spirits but we can’t guarantee they will keep envious glances at bay.


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