Lito’s Curio Cabinet

Explore the imaginary of Lito, where each creation combines tradition and the unexpected, resulting in instant collectables. 

(Lire en français)

Lito Karakostanoglou who is originally a self-taught in jewellery, studied sculpture and life drawings in Paris. During that time, she discovers Deyrolle, the last Curio Cabinet open to the public and falls in love with its exceptional items.

When returning to Athens in 2007 she opens her own “Cabinet de CuriositiĂ©s”. Living up to its name, it is a treasure chest full of wonders where each piece results from her scouting of magnificent stones around the world and natural materials like corals and shell.

Her Curio collection combines gold-dipped scarab beetles from Deyrolle turned into jewellery pieces, colourful gemstones set with an intricate honeycomb pattern, peacock feathers and Evil Eye jewels in enamel and diamonds and organic designs.

“All I ever wanted was to create jewelry that could successfully blend a unique reality out of my inspirations and life experiences. I still have the privilege of doing so, loving every moment of it. Each collection speaks volumes without saying too much – a lingering tale that is energized by the women who wear these pieces. Intriguing combinations and a driving passion for old-school jewelry techniques give rise to unique, one-off pieces characterized by movement, originality, fluidity and light. Inspiration is bountiful as are materials – my aim was and always will be, to fuse those elements together through delicate design, excellent craft finesse and technical virtuosity. I work with gold, precious and semi-precious stones, corals, shells, traditional and not-so traditional materials combining them in order to create a bespoke, unexpected message every time.”

The designer’s work is also showcased in Olivier Dupon’s book ‘The New Jewellers,’ an anthology of rising talent in the field of jewellery creation across the globe. (Discover our Essential Reading List for All Jewellery Lovers here.)

Available at her “Cabinet de CuriositĂ©s” atelier-boutique in the center of her hometown, Athens or at

Lito’s Cabinet de CuriositĂ©s in Athens

Lito – 25 Irodotou Street, Athens


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