Virgin Rainbow, the world’s ‘finest opal’ to be displayed for the first time in Australia.

Red, orange, yellow, green and blue make up the contrasting colours of a 72cts opal discovered more than a decade ago in Australia. Its colours gave it the name Virgin Rainbow and snagged for it the title of the most beautiful opal in the world.

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In 2003, coal miner John Dunstan stumbled upon this fascinating opal in Coober Pedy in northern South Australia, already famous for its opal fields.

The Virgin Rainbow will finally be available for public viewing next month, as the centerpiece of an exhibit at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. Displayed with a collection of other dazzling opals of unmatched colour and beauty,  the exhibition called Opals will open on Sept. 25.

Opal forms when water evaporates after rain, carrying dissolved silica, has runned deep into ancient undergrounds and filled crevices in sedimentary rocks. This particular one was formed out of fossils from the extincted dinosaurs.

To learn about the kaleidoscopic gem and discover our favourite opal jewellery creations click here.

South Australia Museum
North Terrace, Adelaide – South Australia

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