Meet Pauline Laigneau, Parisian and Founder of Gemmyo Online Jewellery Brand

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Since its creation in 2011, Gemmyo has experienced a dazzling rise in the ultra-conservative jewellery market. Meet Pauline Laigneau, who founded Gemmyo with Charif Debs, her husband, and Fanny Boucher, her gemologist best friend.

Born, lived, based? Paris, New York and India where I met Fanny, and Paris

How did you came up with Gemmyo? In 2011, my husband-to-be and I were looking for my engagement ring. This is a very emotional moment and we really got disappointed from everything we’ve seen on Place Vendome : old-fashioned and cold. We decided to launch our own brand : a modern, joyful and uncomplexed online brand that will offer semi-personnalised engagement rings and trendy fine jewellery. The name comes from Gem and Io (me) which translates an appropriation, proximity. It also was the name of a Japanese Empress that used to sleep with pink tourmalines under her pillow…

Tagline? Young & Jeweller

Campagne-affichage-GemmyoYour recent campaign made a real buzz and is full of references to the Place Vendome, tell us the story behind it?
Behind the cute animal there is indeed a few references : the tiara relates to Chaumet , the pastel blue to Tiffany’s and the kitten is an allusion to Cartier’s Panther.
Except that the Panther is a magnificent animal but feared… This kitten personifies our youth and our client proximity.

Emblematic piece? Ariane ring


Average Price? 200-300€ for the Creative collection, 1000€ for an engagement ring

How many are you? 18

Crafted in? France – our jewelry is crafted on order. France allows us to be qualitative and very responsive (2 weeks lead time)

What jewellery never leaves you? My wedding band, Duchesse and Ariane rings and Florence pendant.

How do you style your jewellery? With our jobs, we develop a tendency to accumulate easily and I often end up wearing 2 or 3 rings on the same finger. On evening, I like oversized earrings that immediately gives you a dress-up look.

Diamond or coloured stone? Ruby!

Next crush? A ring between the fingers or a Tutti Frutti

Inspiration? Travels – it is enriching with encounters and gives perspective.

Favourite spots? La Palette & Delaville Café in Paris. Tourraine (a region near Paris) for a revitalizing break.

Next? The opening of our showroom mid-September and the UK expansion.
(View more about the opening of Gemmyo first showroom here)
Showroom opens on 17th September @ 21 rue de Seine, Paris 6eme


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