Dinh Van Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Style

(Lire l’article en français)

Founded by Jean Dinh Van in 1965, the eponymous brand suddenly brought a breath of fresh air into the world of jewellery and got catapulted to success. Here’s a throwback at five decades of striking and original design.

Less is more…

Jean Dinh Van’s creative genius comes in part from his ability to invent its own personal style where less is more: so long flowers, bestiaries and other common motifs associated with the jewellery of the time. Instead, the French brand decided to transform everyday objects into jewellery.

From handcuffs to locks, thumbtacks to razorblades, the most common objects would become exceptional jewels and instant icons.

Anniversary collections and a coffee-table book

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the jeweller is revisiting two of its iconic collections:

Dinh Van’s first success, the “2 Perles” ring created in 1967 for Pierre Cardin and now part of the collections of the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris in the gallery of contemporary jewelry.

The yellow gold square ring with two differently colored pearls in the center is reinterpreted as a full collection in yellow gold decorated with the two famous pearls (either Akoya and Tahitian pearls or white freshwater pearl and hematite depending on the version). The collection, which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings will come out in October.

Another iconic piece from the 1980s, the “Maillet de polo” bracelet, will be reimagined in a 50-piece limited edition to come out in November.

Éditions Assouline the luxury publishing house will release in September a book retracing Dinh Van’s greatest jewels as well as the unique creative spirit of its founder.


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