Sous Le Signe Du Lion : Roar For Chanel New High Jewellery Collection

“I was born under the sign of the Leo” – Gabrielle Chanel

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As with all Chanel’s jewellery collections, ‘Sous le Signe du Lion’ looks back to an element of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. Sous Le Signe Du Lion is inspired as much as Mademoiselle Chanel born astrological sign as the symbol of Venice she was so fond of  .

Gabrielle Chanel travelled to Venice for the first time in 1920 when taking a trip away after the death of Boy Capel. Seeing her devastated by the loss of the love of her life, her close friend Misia Sert almost forced her to leave Paris and offered her Venice as a distraction from her grief.

With its gold, sun and stars, lions and the salt air in the breeze that whips up the spirits as much as the face, Venice was the city of her renaissance.


Symbol of St Mark, and watchful guardian of the city, she sees in the Lion the strength, eternal drive and spark with which she led her life.


Back in Paris, she raises the Lion as the guardian of her personal life and her creative temple : lions adorn her apartment rue Cambon and protect her creations as buttons sawn on her tweed suits or clasps on her famous handbags.

Making its first appearance in Chanel jewellery in 2012, the Lion is once again featured in this new high jewellery collection with two new design shapes : Lion Arty, out of a single gold monolith and Lion Pepites, with its shape sketched out in curved lines.

The collection also includes the first jewels to be produced in Chanel’s very own and recently opened high jewellery ateliers.


Solar and majestic, the new collection of 58 pieces of high jewellery captures the strength and beauty of the watchful guardian of the Serenissimo and will leap around you as a symbol of strength and protection.

Get a sneak peek at the collection here :

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