Meet Audrey Savransky, HK-based and founder of AS29

A diamond a day keeps the doctor away? Meet jewellery designer Audrey Savransky and discover AS29 diamond remedy, highly recommended for acute addiction to jewellery.

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Jewellery designer and fourth-generation diamond dealer Audrey Savransky has combined her passion for diamonds with her understanding of women’s need to sparkle and shine to create AS29, a fun and flirty jewellery brand.

All her creations are alluring diamond encrusted curves forming rings, hearts and flowers with a decadent variety of precious gems and stones. They are a cure for diamond envy : as healing as medicine and as tempting as candy.

I met Audrey and her diamond remedies in 2008 when the brand had just started and fell in love with her Pave Flower necklace that have never left my neck since then. We catched up to discuss how she got into jewellery design, what inspires her and how she styles her jewellery.

flower pave necklaces

Born, lived, based? Antwerp, London, Hong-Kong

How did you came up with AS29? AS29 is inspired by the diamond remedy concept. All our packaging is in the shape of a medication pill. So AS29 is the chemical compound that is in our jewellery… In fact it s just my initials and my Lucky number.

AS29 Packaging

Tagline? “The sweetest pill”
AS29 is a diamond remedy that offers a fast and effective way to fight pains due to lack of diamonds. The remedy cures serious and chronic pains due to need of diamonds. AS29 has only been tested on diamond addicts. This medication can increase addiction to jewels. Acute sparkle and brilliance can provoke visual disturbances in contact with other people, jealousy and envy can often occur.

Average Price? 800-8000$

How many are you?  We are two, but I count for ten my sister says! Joelle Jewellery is my sister’s brand and we are very close as we do the same trade shows and are very involved in each other’s work but it a two different labels

Crafted in? in Hong Kong and China where i’m based since the last 12 years

What jewellery never leaves you? My Lana collection

How do you style your jewellery?  My pieces are meant to be worn day and or night. Because i created line where you can simply stack them up you can by the end of the day add some more ring to your fingers and have a more evening “look”

Diamond or coloured stone? Mainly diamonds but colored gold

Next crush? Too many to decide …..

Inspiration? Recently the orbits and movement of the planets.

Favourite spots in HK? Stanley beach in front of my house, I go down and paddle as much as I can

Next? My next collection is called elipssis and is inspired by the cosmos and the movements of the planets. And a pop-up store in HK to come soon…

Get your diamond remedy at :
Colette, Montaigne Market, Bon Marche and Printemps in Paris. Harrods, Harvey Nichols in London, Bon Genie in Geneva and Jeffrey in NYC
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