5 questions to Stephanie Roger, founder of WHITE bIRD

Happy Birthday WHITE bIRD!

Since 2010 WHITE bIRD presents unusual, delicate yet affordable jewels and brings to light designers and craftsmen from all over the world. Its founder, Stephanie Roger casts them with a keen eye for style and details. If you don’t know already WHITE bIRD, read this previous post about the gallery here.

This week, this most precious gems of Paris blowing its 5th candle and to celebrate, we have asked its founder Stephanie Roger 5 questions!

(Lire en français)

WHITE bIRD? I wanted my own “mini Barneys” in Paris with only designers jewellery, a small concept store. It took me one year and a half to come up with a fine-tuned, find the location and the right designers… Among then, Cathy Waterman is the first that I have contacted. It was a kind of challenge to myself, and I kept repeating to myself : « if Cathy says she is game, i do it ». Cathy Waterman accepted and this is how it all began. I made a few phone calls to designers I already knew and we had 12 designers exhibited at the gallery for the opening.

Regarding the name, when I started the project I spontaneously wrote the word ‘Bird’ on my notebook. It was the end of 20 years spent working in Jewellery Maisons and the beginning of my very first own project. ‘Bird’ was meant to represent freedom and flying with my own wings. ‘White’ was the color of my notebook and symbolises the ingenuous and spontaneous relationship with our designers.

The jewels that never leaves you? I wear many different jewels and keeps mixing them but I always have on my wrist two Dinh Van bracelets, “Serrure” and “Ombre de Lune”, memory from the time I spent there.

Favourite Stone? I am not touched by flawless and perfectly cut stones. On the contrary, I am extremenly moved by “rough” diamonds. Their natural inclusions tells me more of a story and I can stop admiring them. The most striking examples for me are the brown and grey diamonds of Cathy Waterman or the”slice-cut”ones used by Brooke Gregson creations.


How to you pick your designers? The main thing for me is their jewels : if they touch me, are they different, what is the story they tell? Also is it handcrafted or ethical, where and how are they made? I also look at their designer: who he is, what brought him to jewellery and what values does he conveys since the human aspect is primordial for me. Eventually I try to select designers that are not available yet her on the french market and very selective for their international distribution to keep up with WHITE bIRD positioning.

Tips for young designers? You have to believe! It needs a lot of faith, persistance and hard work. And also to put a lot of yourself in your creations.



38 rue du Mont-Thabor, Paris 1er.
7 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, Paris 3e.
Worldwide shipping

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