2016: year of the Fire Monkey

(Lire en français)

This February 8 marks the transition to a new year for the entire Asian community, for China of course, but also in all Southeast Asia and around the world! Many are the festivities marking the passage under the sign of Fire Monkey!

The Monkey is one of the twelve animals constituting the zodiac. Legend has it that Buddha summoned at his death all the animals to honour them. The first twelve arrived found themselves assigned each a year they would reign, the Chinese zodiac answering a Jupiterian Cycle of twelve years … Symbol of the unexpected, the year of the Monkey reserve moments of surprises!

Let’s talk about the traditions now! Asian Lunar New Year is an important time, its carries the family, conviviality and sharing values. This is an opportunity to share tasty meals, gather around the elders, while spoiling those we love! As with any new year, everyone tries to chase the bad influences of the past year, while attracting good fortune, by multiplying the signs of good omen. Being very superstitious, Asian exchange during this traditional festival the famous red envelope stacked with some bank notes as well as other amulets and lucky charms.

Review some of jewels dedicated to this new year under the sign of the Monkey:

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