Valentine Day’s: Say it with Atelier Paulin

February the 14th is the one day of the year which is dedicated to romance, love and passion. In case you are still looking for some ideas, we have the perfect idea for you : a bespoke bracelet from Atelier Paulin!

(Lire en Français)

Atelier Paulin is a french fine jewellery brand that turn a simple metal thread into a precious word that you die to wear on your wrist. The first time I met its founder, Anne-Sophie Baillet, bring us  back at our both different lives. I bumped into her recently at a wedding where she was reintroduced to me as the author of the bride bracelet that caught my attention. Between a few drinks, she was kind enough to share with me her story.

It all began after the birth of her first child when she was looking for a simple jewel she could wear with the name of her daughter on it. Nothing seemed appealing to her – until she met a jeweler in Asia that thorn a golden thread for her into a word: then was the first bracelet “Colette” born.

Back in Paris, at her great surprise and with the help of Instagram and her large address book of ex-PR, more and more friends started to order… Until Colette, the Concept Store that set the trend in Paris spotted her.

The beauty of Atelier Paulin story she told me is that everyone is participating to it and that she is still surprised – or amused – by the words ordered and her clients’ imagination.

And why Atelier Paulin? because it was the name of her grandfather.

So on February 14th declare your love, but chose your words!

Gold-plated, silver or gold – from 95 to 490€

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