The Musée Ephémère of Chaumet presents “Une Education Sentimentale”

After the success of its Promenade Bucolique, Chaumet renews its ephemeral museum and presents “Une Education Sentimentale”

Film “Une Éducation Sentimentale” from Chaumet on Vimeo.

(Lire en français)

Une Éducation Sentimentale exposes the human heart at all stages of life, from the unconditional love between parent and child to fond friendships, the bonds of matrimony and all-consuming passion.

In a palette of reds that glitters with romance and creative genius, this retrospective retelling of the Chaumet legacy of sentimental jewellery from the First Empire to the present day is illustrated by drawings and photographs, establishing Chaumet as a jeweller that has over the centuries found inspiration in emotion.



Love stories

Chaumet has been celebrating life and love since 1780. Immortalising the affairs of the heart in treasured tokens, the Parisian jeweller unfailingly captures the heartbeat of the age.
Pieces are created for occasions; to commemorate happy events, both public and private, from elaborate ceremonial jewellery to the dainty discretion of a birth charm. These are one-of-a-kind creations made to mark once-in-a-lifetime events. Reflecting the sentiment of an era, these precious keepsakes capture the unique nature of love. Each one designed to express the specific personality and style of a very special person, the pieces imbue jewellery with soul.
This second exhibit, Une Éducation Sentimentale, invites the visitor to discover Chaumet’s love stories over the centuries by means of a selection of historic pieces that sparkle with life.


Legends in love

Confidant to myriad romances from the virtuous to the clandestine, Chaumet has immortalised love stories and the precious gifts that accompanied them since 1780. Some of them have become legendary.

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Contemporary pieces, in the name of love

Created especially for the exhibition, the limited edition Escapade de Chaumet collection evokes the spontaneity of a stolen moment. In the fluid form of a ribbon that has been carelessly wound – or unwound – the sculptural lines and yellow gold of the broad ring and cuff bracelet are inspired by a 1940s aesthetic. Featuring bevelled edges throughout set with brilliant-cut diamonds, the pieces can be admired from all sides in the fine jewellery tradition.




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