Elsa Triolet Jewellery exhibits in Evreux

Need some inspiration this weekend ? Have a look at the Museum of Art, History and Archaeology in Evreux and discover Elsa Triolet jewellery.
(Lire en français)

At the turn of the 1920-1930 , Russian novelist and muse of the poet Louis Aragon creates jewellery for the Paris haute couture to make a living for the couple.

Fifty-four pieces, constituting the heart of the exhibition, were offered in 1981 by Aragon to the Elsa Triolet Library in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray .

Prototypes, models, unfinished creations, this jewellery testify to the spirit of Elsa Triolet . The materials are often diverted from their original use : the mother-of-pearl she used in her necklaces was at the time solely used for the making of buttons, coating of compacts and lipstick boxes. The originality of her creations surprise us, amuse us and seduce us. They reflect the inspirations of a young woman at the heart of the artistic avant-garde, and shed light on the begining of her fanciful life.

For those who won’t be able to visit, the catalog of the exhibition is published by Editions du Chêne.


De Neige et de rêve, les bijoux d’Elsa Triolet, until 3rd avril 2016
Musée d’Art, d’Histoire et d’Archéologie, Evreux

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