Immediate Boarding : Greek jewellery at Athens Int’l Airport

The work of 33 contemporary Greek jewellery designers can be seen in the “The Sheltering Sky” organised by the platform A Jewel Made in Greece.

(Lire en français)

The show offers visitors the opportunity to see why Greek jewellery is making such a buzz into the international jewellery design scene.

It also includes a film on the history of Greek jewellery-making, showcasing the priceless collection of the National Archeological Museum, which will celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

Visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite jewel through a special voting that will be carried out both through digitally and through a ballot box, placed in the exhibition area. The jewel with the most votes will be titled “The Jewel Made in Greece” in an award ceremony that will be held at Athens International Airport.

Participating designers : Myrto Anastasopoulou, Sarina Beza, Dolly Boucoyannis, Joanna Cave, Margarita Chrissaki, Eleni Daskalaki, Marilina Deligiannopoulou, Haniotis Jewelry, Katerina Ioannidis, Alexandra Itouna, Elena Kapompasopoulou, Maria Kaprili, Τina Karageorgi, Voula Karampatzaki, Panos Kardasis, Mara Kartali, Apostolos Kleitsiotis, Vally Kontidis, Maria Kontogiorgaki, Κaterina Kouloubourou, Ileana Makri, Eleni Orfanou, Labros Papageorgiou & Semeli Androulidaki, Chryssanthi Papaxenou, Daphne Papathanasopoulou, Michael Pelamidis, Amalia Petsali, Marilou Prokopiou, Mary Samoli, Polina Sapouna Ellis, Christina Soubli, Marios Voutsinas, Maya Zoulovits

Art & Culture Hall, Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”,
Jan 11-March 30 2016

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