Meet Denis Hayoun, Photograph

Denis is a jewellery and watches photograph.
I met Denis when I was living in Geneva. Self-taught, he set up his ultra-modern Diode studio in Geneva and shoots for the most prestigious brands as well as renown magazines such as Revolution and Le Temps. I interviewed him during my last trip to Geneva.

(Lire en français)

Diode ? Diode (en english LED) is an electronic component used as a light source in photography in recent years. It represents for me the encounter of electronics and photography. It is also the name of my studio.

What is your background? I am a self-taught in photography. Originally I did a business school then studied art history and music. Now I am artistic director, I create advertising campaigns and editorials and I am in charge of the clients relations.

Beginnings? 25 years ago, when I used to work in art reproduction. I was asked a few times to photograph jewellery. This experience of creating lights and atmospheres on jewelry inspired me a lot and I just click.

How many are you? 9 in production and 11 in total.

Specialty? Mostly images that are different ; powerful and striking. It’s my approach in chiaroscuro and in the revelation of materials and details that made me kick-off.

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First love with Jewellery? JAR

Inspiration? Beauty in all its forms

Jewellery or Watches? Why choose? In photography, these specializations are very similar in terms of technique or approach, even if watch has more traditional expectations.

Still life or worn? More often still life.

How much time on average for a picture? Rarely under a day of work and often two

An anecdot ? A few years ago during a shoot for Revolution, I had an aquarium filled with water snakes, frogs and fish. I was fixing the light during the evening and I turn around to find myself face to face with the snake! It had extended on the tip of its tail, 60cm outside the aquarium… Almost had a heart attack!


Copyright : Diode ©

Do you wear any jewels? I prefer to offer jewelry.


Copyright : Diode ©

3 Tips to photograph a piece of jewelry?
–     Outdoor, a sky with few clouds and little direct light on the jewel
–     Indoor, a white tent and a rather sporadic background light
–     Diode for a more elaborate result 🙂

View more about Denis’ artwork on

This interview is part of the series with women and men involved in different sides of the jewellery business. They work with passion and accepted to share their story and anecdot with THE JEWELLERY INSIDER. For more information about Diode Studio and this interview, please fill in the following contact form : 

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