No Gluten-free for Jewellery

It seems that this week wheat was everywhere on Place Vendome. Overview of the star cereal of the summer!

(Lire en Français)

1. Place Vendôme
Street artist, Gad Weil and Chanel have grown a wheat field with one million of ears on the magnificent Place Vendome in Paris. To view until July 7 !

Gad Weil x Chanel

2. Les Blés de Chanel
The reason of this pop up installation on Place Vendôme is to celebrate Chanel latest jewellery collection inspired by wheat. These breathtaking pieces tell the nature’s story with diamonds.

3. Chaumet
Among Place Vendôme in Paris, the wheat motif is also a very present theme at Chaumet . Appearing in 1811, it reappears more recently with the limited reedition of the Wheat ring and brooch during their Bucolic Walk exhibition with their Ephemeral Museum (2015)

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4. Aurélie Bidermann
On the designers’ side, Aurélie Bidermann particularly favours wheat and declines it  in her jewels since 2010 and that we just love!
(Shop the look)

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Have a lovely week and remember to abuse it, its calorie-free!


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