Let’s Celebrate Halloween with Black Gold Jewellery

We usually pick our jewellery in yellow gold, white gold, and, more recently rose gold. But do you know about black gold? Lately, more and more designers are using dramatic black gold in their high-end collections. We thought this Halloween weekend would be a perfect time to explore some darkly dazzling pieces of black gold jewellery.

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What is Black Gold?

Black gold or black-colored gold is 14K or 18K gold that has been electroplated with black rhodium or ruthenium. Solutions that contain ruthenium give a slightly harder black coating than those that contain rhodium.

Controlled oxidation of gold containing chromium or cobalt is another method of creating black gold.

Scientists have also recently discovered a laser pulse that deforms the surface of metal to create an immensely increased surface area which absorbs virtually all the light that falls on it, thus rendering it a deep black color. This method is still very expensive though and is used mainly in the high-tech sector, but as the price falls this application will find its way to the world of fine jewellery.

Why Now?

Jewelry critics agree that the Paris-based designer JAR has had the biggest influence on the recent popularity of black gold. Since the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition “Jewels by JAR,” in 2013-2014, the use of black gold by contemporary jewelry designers has skyrocketed.

These high-end designers are increasingly turning to black gold to set off their precious and semiprecious gemstone creations. Not only does black gold provide a provocative backdrop, it mixes well with other golds, as well as silver and platinum.
On the fashion front, black gold reflects recent runway trends, including Boho, punk, festival, and gothic designs.

Black Gold Looks We Love 

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