Aurelie Bidermann becomes creative director at Poiray

Poiray is handing the keys to its iconic jewellery to Aurélie Bidermann, one of the most popular contemporary Parisian designers.

(Lire en français)

In about ten years, Aurélie Bidermann has made her jewellery some of the most covetable on the scene. Her couture charms, delicate filigree rings and statement pieces create a bohemian look that has seen success amongst the jewelry fashionista from Paris to New York. The designer is now adding another string to her bow with the creative directorship at Poiray, where she is expected to bring some of her inspired contemporary cool to the Paris house’s jewelry and watches.

Benjamin Lobel, deputy general manager of Poiray has commented: “With Aurélie Bidermann on board, Poiray will continue to offer a vision of luxury that is young, joyful and free, all the while embodying the timeless Parisian chic we are known for.” 

Her first collection will be available in 2017.


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